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Springfield Health and Fitness Center is like no health club you have ever seen. There is space and equipment available to accommodate every kind of client wanting to get in shape or improve performance.

Our Services

Weight Loss / Body Composition

Whether you have a few or 100 pounds to lose, we have the resources to meet your goals.

Fitness Classes

All classes are FREE with your membership. Download our Springfield Health and Fitness App for class days and times.

Powerlifting / Strongman / crossfit

Great Equipment for the competitor and casual enthusiasts

Why Springfield Health & Fitness?

The gym provides a positive atmosphere for not only professional athletes but also provides programs and training for extreme weight loss, beginner sports en-hancement, general fitness and healthy aging. Every type of member will feel at home here!

Best of all, NO CONTRACTS!

Why tie yourself into a 1, 2, or 3 year commitment to a facility that you don’t know if you will still like in 6 months? As always, we have no contracts, tricks, maintenance fees or sneaky upcharges.

Meet The Team

Alexis Fourman - Manager/Co-Owner

Co-Owner of Springfield Health and Fitness Center, certified trainer and former educator/coach. Alexis’ background includes 12 years teaching, 8 of those years as a head high school track coach. While teaching she pursued her passion in fitness competing in obstacle course races, ½ marathons, and bodybuilding. She has been personally training clients and teaching her FLEX fitness class for 5 years now. Alexis offers one on one personal training, group sessions, fitness consultations, group fitness classes, and youth training and summer camp.

Qualifications include:

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Certified Group X
  • BODYSHRED Certified
  • WNBF Ms. Fitbody Pro Card
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED
Bobby Chadeayne - Trainer

Bobby Chadeayne is the co-owner of Alpha Athletics. He holds a personal training certification through American Council on Exercise and has a specialty certification in Sports Nutrition. His love for Springfield has been his driving force in starting Alpha Athletics. “I love this city. This town and these people have allowed us to do what we love. The support is amazing.”

Why does he enjoy training others? “There is not a better feeling, in this world, than helping someone achieve their goals. Everyone has it in them, it’s my pleasure to help them see that.”

If you’d like to meet with Bobby to talk more about your fitness goals and how he can help.

Josh Lloyd - Trainer

Josh Lloyd holds an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science, is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and holds a specialty certification in Sports Conditioning. He is also the co-owner of Alpha Athletics. He has worked at all levels in the fitness field but found he most enjoyed working one on one with clients. Josh has been working with personal training clients and athletes for 10 years. He has experience working with all different types of people, from weight loss clients who have never set foot in a gym to division one collegiate athletes. Josh offers one on one personal training, group sessions, fitness consultations, as well as week by week online workout plans.

Keith Clay - Trainer

Co-Founder of Excellerated Fitness LLC.

Licensed Massage Therapist from the Ohio State Medical Board since 2004. Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) since 2007. Certified Metabolic Effect Nutritionist since 2013. Practicing martial artist and CPR Certified.

Avid Triathlete since 2010. I have competed in multiple Ironman 70.3 distance races as well as Sprint and Olympic distances.

Avid runner since the mid 1980’s, competed in multiple marathon and half, marathon distance races, obstacle course enthusiast , Spartan, Savage and Warrior Dash and races of all distances. These races are a great test of not only your endurance but also your physical strength and mental toughness.

“I have trained clients of all age ranges from elementary school kids to folks in their 80’s. I have helped clients train for specific athletic events as well as for the most common reason someone seeks a trainer and that is for weight loss and overall better health. My philosophy is simple: Nutrition is the key that will unlock your bodies potential. Exercise is important but if your nutrition is compromised then your results will be as well. “

Katie Slanker - Trainer

I have been Certified as an Athletic Trainer through the NATABOC and Personal Trainer through AFAA since 2002. I enjoy helping people of all fitness levels achieve their goals; whether it is losing weight, competing in endurance events or simply keeping up with your grandchildren! I provide the education, motivation and accountability necessary to achieve your goals. I can’t wait to show you how much fitness and healthy lifestyle can change your life!


Peter Hurst - Trainer

Peter Hurst is one of the many trainers at Springfield Health and Fitness who has been training clients for almost 3 years now with Alpha Athletics. Peter’s personal training certification is through the American College of Sports Medicine and schooling through Sinclair Community College. Peter works with a variety of clients anywhere from strength athletes looking to increase athletic performance, to older populations looking to seek the benefits of exercise.

  • Personal Training sessions from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Fully customizable programs to help you reach your fitness goals
  • Fitness consultations to evaluate your fitness level, (Tape Measures, Body fat analysis, and healthy lifestyle changes)
Megan Palmer - Trainer

Megan Palmer is now a NCSF Personal Trainer!! We are so proud of her and excited for what is in store for her. Check out what she had to say about what motivated her: 

“I’ve been a stay at home mom to my four boys for the past 11 years. After giving birth to my twins in 2008, I decided I needed to lose the rest of the baby weight. What started out as weight loss, quickly changed into more of a passion, a lifestyle, and a stress release for myself. I started teaching Les Mill Bodypump 4 years ago along with my running as a way to hold myself accountable. I fell in love with the program and all of these amazing people it brought into my life. Watching people succeed at goals they set for themselves just gave me more of a desire to want to help people and be a part of their journey.

Daren Johnson - Trainer

My name is Daren and I am a certified personal trainer through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). After weighing in at 300 pounds and spending a week in the hospital it gave me time to reflect on my life and where I was headed. Once out of the hospital, I did a lot of research, started eating better, exercising, and I started losing weight. In this process I fell in Love with and developed a passion for health and fitness that is still going strong today. If you can’t find me at the gym most likely I will be with my family, riding my bike on one of the many bike trails in our city, doing yard work or reading.

Now, 100 pounds lighter, I want to share my story and passion with others and help them on their own fitness journey. I look forward to sharing my experiences with others to help them reach their own personal goals. I understand the struggles with weight loss, maintaining weight loss, staying positive and motivated.

My mission is simple, to Inspire, empower and help others reach their true potential. I look forward to teaching, helping and showing my clients that nothing is out of reach. What are some things you feel are out of reach? I would really love to talk to you about that.

Andy Milligan - Trainer

I’m a NSCA certified sports performance trainer. As a former college golf athlete I tend to specialize towards golf functional fitness, but I love helping all populations reach their goals and improve their lifestyle. I am currently enrolled at Findlay University, pursuing a B.S. in Strength and Conditioning with a concentration in Marketing!

My fitness and nutrition background comes from years of school athletics, training, and personal struggles with exercise addiction and eating disorders. I can relate well with my clients because I have been on both sides of the spectrum- overweight and unmotivated, and also underweight and malnourished. I love connecting with people, learning their stories, and helping them grow through the outlet of fitness that has personally taught me so much.

My mission is to help people achieve results they do not think they are capable of.  My core purpose is to help others find fulfillment. The founding principle of my personal brand, Mindful Milligan, is to connect with others to help find a version of health that works for them- whether it be through golf fitness, weight loss, nutrition coaching, or any outlet that is effective.

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