Women’s Self Defense Course

3 Month Transformation Challenge 2019

Buy In: $25 to participate. Payment must be received at check in
Reward: Create and maintain healthy habits, learn new recipes, helpful tips, motivation from peers, and possibly the grand prize… Motiv Ring!!!

Exercise/Reps: 30 minute fitness class or 210 Reps per Day (210 minutes/wk. Or 1,470 Reps/wk.)  (2 pts)

Movement Goal: 10,000 steps/ day or 70,000/ week

  • In order to keep track of your movement goal you will need a pedometer or smart watch. You can purchase a pedometer on amazon for only $9. (2 pts)

Hydration Goal: 64 oz. water/ day (2 pts)

Sleep Goal: 6.5 hours or more (2 pts)

*Social Media Post: Point for any post in Motivational Facebook Group (recipes, pictures, workouts, etc.) (1 pt) * Pictures do not have to be a selfie if you’re not comfortable being in front of the camera. You can take a picture of the gym, your shoes, mats, weights, etc just for accountability.*

Additional points can be earned based on measurable data. Details will be announced the day of check in.

Disclaimer: We have chosen not to include a nutrition part to this challenge due to various diet needs in today’s society and the lack of client information in order to correctly prescribe the best nutrition for each individual. With that said, we highly encourage you to eat whole foods, less processed foods, and maintain a healthy caloric intake based on your level of activity. Physical fitness and a proper diet based on your needs will propel your overall health and results.

*We have additional trainers here at the gym and we would be more than happy to set you up to meet with one of them.*

For more details check out our Facebook or Instagram page, or email us.