Push-Up Challenge

Are you guys up for a challenge?! The Rotary club is putting on a fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Girls and you can sign up for Springfield Health and Fitness’s team where each individual in that team will do 300 push ups in 2 hours.

Its Saturday, March 2nd and we will have whoever wants to participate to do so in the gym instead of traveling to Tecumseh middle school.

This is all going towards a great cause and a great fitness challenge as well!

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Transformation Challenge

3 Month Program

Entrance Fee: $25
Check-In: January 26th, 9-11am or January 27, 3-4:30pm
Start Date: January 28th
End Date: April 28th

  • Diet and fitness tracker journal
  • Private Facebook Motivation Group (i.e. recipes, nutrition guidance, workout ideas, and moral support)

I know there are a lot of people out there who have made a goal to better themselves and to make a physical change to their bodies. Unfortunately, a lot of these goals fall short towards the end of February and then you end up back where you were before you made that resolution. We want you to succeed so we are going to hold you accountable to make sure your goals are met! That is why we created this challenge for ANYONE who wants to participate!

Springfield Health and Fitness is incredibly passionate about seeing people make a change and work hard to get there and we want to be the extra push and motivation for you so you can meet your goals. We can’t wait to witness it!

This program will be the push that you need and the staff will be there with you every step of the way! There will be monthly check ins to make sure you are staying on track and we’ll get your weight and measurements each time. Alexis, and other staff members, will review your fitness journal and give you tips on what you can do to help reach your goal.

If reaching your goals and making that transformation is not rewarding enough, you will have a chance to win our grand prize! Whoever has the biggest transformation will be rewarded with a Motiv fitness tracking ring! This ring is all around wellness tracker that you can conveniently wear any day and all day. Check out the details:

3 Month Transformation Challenge 2019

Buy In: $25 to participate. Payment must be received at check in
Reward: Create and maintain healthy habits, learn new recipes, helpful tips, motivation from peers, and possibly the grand prize… Motiv Ring!!!

Exercise/Reps: 30 minute fitness class or 210 Reps per Day (210 minutes/wk. Or 1,470 Reps/wk.)  (2 pts)

Movement Goal: 10,000 steps/ day or 70,000/ week

  • In order to keep track of your movement goal you will need a pedometer or smart watch. You can purchase a pedometer on amazon for only $9. (2 pts)

Hydration Goal: 64 oz. water/ day (2 pts)

Sleep Goal: 6.5 hours or more (2 pts)

*Social Media Post: Point for any post in Motivational Facebook Group (recipes, pictures, workouts, etc.) (1 pt) * Pictures do not have to be a selfie if you’re not comfortable being in front of the camera. You can take a picture of the gym, your shoes, mats, weights, etc just for accountability.*

Additional points can be earned based on measurable data. Details will be announced the day of check in.

Disclaimer: We have chosen not to include a nutrition part to this challenge due to various diet needs in today’s society and the lack of client information in order to correctly prescribe the best nutrition for each individual. With that said, we highly encourage you to eat whole foods, less processed foods, and maintain a healthy caloric intake based on your level of activity. Physical fitness and a proper diet based on your needs will propel your overall health and results.

*We have additional trainers here at the gym and we would be more than happy to set you up to meet with one of them.*

For more details check out our Facebook or Instagram page, or email us.