Springfield Health and Fitness Center is like no health club you have ever seen.

There is space and equipment available to accommodate every kind of client wanting to get in shape or improve performance.

Each new yearly member will be entitled to two free personal training sessions to get acclimated to the gym.

The gym provides a positive atmosphere for not only professional athletes but also provides programs and training for extreme weight loss, beginner sports en-hancement, general fitness and healthy aging. Every type of member will feel at home here! All of our staff are knowledgeable and professional, trained in the lat-est techniques and CPR certified.

The spacious 43,000-square- feet of equipment ensures plenty of equipment and room for anyone to get the training and workouts they need. We boast a state of the art heavy weight room level that is spacious and well equipped.

Best of all, NO CONTRACTS!

Best of all, NO CONTRACTS! Why tie yourself into a 1, 2, or 3 year commitment to a facility that you don’t know if you will still like in 6 months? As always, we have no contracts, tricks, maintenance fees or sneaky upcharges.