I started my journey at 296lb, fat, lazy, and out of shape. I saw a Savage Race advertisement and I said to myself I’m going to complete one, got down to 223lb when I completed my first race. I have now completed 7 but I didn’t stop there I got down to my lowest at 182lb, set a new goal when I joined Springfield Health and Fitness to put on mass and build strength. This is one of the best gyms you will ever join and staff willing to help no matter what your goal is. This gym has everything you will ever need to reach your goal.

Tyler Ballentine

I started my weight loss journey five years ago when I walked into Springfield Health and Fitness after losing a few pounds on my own. Five years ago I was at my heaviest and I had to make my own clothes, I broke a toilet seat, 2 lawn chairs and could no longer fit into a booth or movie theater seat. With the help amazing trainers, free powerlifting classes and meets I am now down 130 lbs., a powerlifter, class instructor, and am in the best shape of my life at 62 years old!

Robin Akers

My health and fitness journey started February, 2018. I was at my heaviest and was ready for a change. I knew with my previous experience in bootcamp style classes that I needed to find the right gym and trainer. After signing up at Springfield Health and Fitness I messaged Alexis Fourman, Co-Owner and trainer, about my goals and needs. She began training me two days a week, helped me work on a training schedule that incorporated 3 other fitness classes there a week, and revamping my diet. I currently workout 5 days a week, have lost 37 pounds and am down 5 pant sizes!! I love this gym and the friends I have made.

Tracy Prior

A year and a half ago I decided to make a life change, lose weight and get fit. I knew it was time, when I got out of breath just showering and getting dressed. At the recommendation of a co-work, I visited Springfield Health and Fitness. That day in July 2017, I became a member of SHF. At the starting weight of 245lbs, I was introduced to, my trainer Ryan Kibler. With the direction and support of Ryan, I lost 60lbs, went from a 2X shirt to a Medium and dropped 3 pant sizes within a year. Not only has Ryan taught me how to correctly use the equipment, but how to shop for and prepare my meals. Ryan is a great motivator by encouraging me to push myself to my full potential. Springfield Health and Fitness is clean, organized and has a friendly atmosphere from the staff to the member

Brian Donohoe