Resolutions: New Year New Goals

Every year, on the same day and time we all make a goal. It’s called the New Year’s Resolution. People all across the globe are taking a moment to focus in on themselves to go over what changes they want to see or make in the new year.

The number one resolution involves some sort of fitness. Either its losing weight, gaining muscle, or just getting back into the gym; it all correlates. The gyms are preparing for a mass membership explosion and the regular gym goers are preparing as well. But you know what they are saying? “They will all be gone by the end of February.”

Why is that?

It’s because we are good at having big ideas and coming up with unrealistic expectations instead of coming up with measurable goals for ourselves. Someone will say they want to lose weight, which is a great goal for some people, but do you have a plan? Are you ready to change how you get ready for the day and what kind of dinners you will have to make and prep for a week at a time? Do you have a workout plan ready to go? Are there people who are there to motivate you and if not, how are you going to stay motivated?

In order for a goal to be successful you need to have a plan to make it a lifestyle.

Want to be healthier for the year of 2019? Start off small by committing to eating more salads and less salty/sweet snacks. Doing that by itself will make a much bigger difference than what you think.

You don’t have to be part of an overwhelming statistic of resolution fails. Create measurable goals and make small changes and you will be happier with the results.

Happy New Year!