What to Expect When Going to the Arnold Classic

Ahh the Arnold Classic. A place where all the fitness gurus and well known fitness models come together to show off their gains, reveal their secrets and show off their weightlifting ability. It’s where we can be in the same room as people who have the same mindset as you and will motivate you to reach your goals. This isn’t just any kind of expo, if you want to make the most out of your time and money you will want to be prepared for what you are about to experience. Check out this list of advice when attempting the Arnold Classic for the first time.

1).Don’t buy pre-paid tickets unless you are going multiple days and really need to save money. You will wait in the line for 30+ minutes while others can walk right up, pay and get in (cash only).

2) Uber to the expo from a place close by where you can park for free (i.e. local store or restaurant) or find someone who is willing to take you there and drop you off. If not, you will pay $25-$30 on parking and still have to walk through chilly temperatures because it is still cold in the beginning of March in Ohio.

3) Wear light weight clothes because you are not going to want to haul around a heavy coat while you’re at the expo because you’ll be carrying a lot of other bags and samples It also gets really warm inside the expo due to the crowds and lines of people.

4) Bring a book bag (yes they let you carry around a book bag, I wasn’t sure If I was allowed at first but so happy I brought it) Make sure you have water with you and room for the your free samples. The bags they give you are huge and will hurt your hands after a while.

5) Don’t eat or drink ALL the samples. The first two years, my body took in so much protein that I was bloated for two whole days. Instead, bring a ziploc baggie to put the bite size samples in to graze on at a later date and be selective on the drinks you taste test.

6) Be ready to stand around in lines for a long time. Sometimes it is worth it and sometimes it isn’t. If you go with a few friends you can take turns standing in line while the others check out the nearby booths.

7) The night or two before, scout out different contests, exhibits, and fitness gurus you really want to see. If you don’t know where they are located or what time specific appearances are then you might miss it.

Some events aren’t even held at the convention center or they are on different days. Good things come to those who wait..and those good things are the free samples and fitness advice! I hope this will help you prepare yourself for next year’s Arnold Classic!

In the meantime, keep up the hard work and continue reaching your goals!